It is with great pleasure that we announce the birth of ONLY STAGE an innovative, transverse, versatile, hybrid, environmentally friendly management (we do not use paper, all you need to know about us is only on this site). Since September 2014 ONLY MAESTROS has been an absolute novelty in its exclusive management of conductors and it is thanks to this experience that we are now launching ONLY STAGE.

In ONLY STAGE you will find all what is theater from playwright to directors, composers, innovators of musical language, opera productions, musicals, singers, orchestras, tours, among the most different projects. In a word, the SHOW we love has here its new house.

Our conductors have had their home in ONLY MAESTROS for 3 years and since February 2017 we have restructured our companies and merged them in an unique one. ONLY STAGE is the new home from where we proudly manage all our artists.

Here we are open to all what might introduce new paths in the world of entertainment.
We believe that the stage is one and we will work for our artists to find themselves to be open to new artistic experiences that perhaps they had not imagined before or do not imagine in their ropes.


Tel. +44 203 6916796
Alt. +44 7950 427967
25 North Row, London, Greater London,
W1K 6DJ, United Kingdom

Susanna Stefani Caetani
Tel. +44 7950 427967

Senior Manager for Artists and Projects
Michael Mustillo
Tel. +420 775 229596

Chief Operating Officer
Olga Introzzi
Tel. +39 339 6849331

Head of Technology / Web Designer&Developer
Freelance Senior Manager and Consultant for Jazz and Pop
Elena Migliorati
Tel. +39 347 6971675

Only Stage  Events Representative in Australia
Luisa Machielse

Consultant for playwrights
and dramatic works
Mara Moscano
Tel. +39 348 7148732