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From the Earth to the Skies
In Collaboration with composer and pianist Stefano Bollani, this Kristjan Järvi Sound Experience creation embodies the believe in our own sustainable sources, power of our Nature, Mind and Body.
The limitlessness of our Blue Planet, its waters shades and textures up into the blue sky, embody our source of life and living.
This sound experience takes the audience on a spiritual, emotional and musical journey from roots of our nature to the evolution of our minds. Wind, water and light as the essence of life and most valuable energy sources hereby not only embody unification of regions, they also define the triviality of boarders created by the human mind and body. An emotional experience of the power of our own mind.

Stefano Bollani: Concerto azzurro for piano and orchestra
“Stefano Bollani’s piano meets the MDR orchestra directed by Kristjan Järvi; the result is azure - and it needs listening to. Azure! Like the fifth chakra related to hearing. The azure says: “Listen to yourself and to the other.” But also: “Create! Disobey!” The azure never keeps silent. It continuously reminds us that “there is a key to every door” (Robert Musil), and that “every door is an opportunity, and not an obstacle” (Charlie Chaplin), but also: “let it suffice you, azure is a colour” (Julius Caesar). In our own small way we will disobey the rules that demand that a pianist performing with a symphonic orchestra shall stick to the rigorously precise and immutable score. And we will reinvent ourselves each time thanks to a considerable amount of piano improvising and thanks to a kind of energy and creative joy that Kristjan Järvi will pull out from every single member of the orchestra”

Compositions by Kristjan Järvi:
A celebration piece of the North. Aurora as the window from earth into the sky to the stars. It shapes a picture of the nature of the north, with rough winds, big woods and snow: with the eternal lightness and beauty of the aurora lights connecting us to the sky.
Kritical Mass
A piano Concerto combining minimal music, jazz, and electronic soundscapes. A piece on society and its journey into the joy and lightness of life.
Babylon Berlin
Working together with film Director Tom Tykwer for many years, their most current project brings the audience back into the roaring 20th of Berlin. Mixing his original compositions for the Babylon Berlin TV series with new sounds of the 2020th, Kristjan´s Hot House and Babylon Suite are a musical time travel of the spirit of the City and culture of Berlin.

3 Programs, 3 Experiences
Azzurro Metamorphoses Babylon
Program 1
• Kristjan Järvi: Aurora (Orchestral Version)
• S. Bollani: Concerto Azzurro
• Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
• Kurt Weill Johnny Johnson Suite Arr by Gene Pritsker
Program 2
• Erwin Stein "Key Largo" arr Coleman
• S. Bollani: Concerto Azzurro 
• Kristjan Järvi: "Kritical Mass" with Stefano (full)
• Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphosen
Program 3
• Babylon Berlin Suite 10 min (music from the Series) arr. by
Gene Pritsker
• Bollani: Concerto Azzurro
• Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
• Kristjan Järvi: HotHouse - (Berlin) Based on Babylon Berlin Series

Azure - a Sunbeam Production 

Kritical Mass by Kristjan Järvi. Absolute club – rehearsal of the Premiere.

Kritical Mass by Kristjan Järvi. Absolute Ensemble, Kai Schumacher Seoul.


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