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General Management

Susanna Stefani Caetani

La Strada Ballet suite music by Nino Rota
La voix humaine A one act opera by Francis Poulenc
A production by the Desire Tree Foundation | From an idea by Carlo Ponti | Music by Nino Rota and Francis Poulenc (World Premiere on the 15.06.2016 at the Tbilisi Opera).

Director and concept Marco Gandini | New choreography for La Strada by Gianluca Schiavoni | Artistic Director of the project Susanna Stefani Caetani | Soloist: Nina AnianashiviliLa Strada” and Nino SurguladzeLa voix humaine” | Conductor and Musical Director Carlo Ponti.

Carlo Ponti and Nino Surguladze have created a project about LOVE and WOMEN in the XX century music repertoire.

To accomplish this, they had to put their interest in two masterpieces of the repertoire “La Strada” (Ballet Suite by Nino Rota from the movie by Federico Fellini) and “La Voix Humaine” a one act opera by Francisc Poulenc, text by Jean Cocteau.

Both of these stories are strongly linked to cinema history as they have been brought to the screen by different directors: Federico Fellini for “La Strada” (one of his masterpieces, a film production by Carlo’s father, the famous Italian producer Carlo Ponti) and “La Voix Humaine” (Human Voice) is the latest movie that Carlo's mother, Sophia Loren made in 2015, with his brother Eduardo Ponti as the director.

The production will heavily refer to Jean Cocteau and his world, having 12 male dancers on stage for “La Strada” plus the three protagonists, one woman Gelsomina (Nina Ananiashivili) and two men, all dancers from the National Ballet of Gerogia, while “La Voix Humaine” will only have Nino Surgulazde on stage, the great Georgian mezzosoprano surrounded by several actors. This is one of the most intense one-woman show in the whole Opera repertoire.



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