Consulting Manager for Tours and Special Projects

Born in Palermo in 1946, Filippo Militano earned a Degree in Law from the University of Palermo in 1971 and, obtained the license to practice law, in 1975 he has been enrolled in the Register of Lawyers and Legal Procurators. During his professional activity in the Legal Office of an Italian Bank institute, a position that he has held from 1976 to 1990, he has continued  privately his vocal studies, attending the courses of S. Alessio Martinelli, D. Sanfilippo and the masterclasses of the famous tenor Mario Del Monaco, making his debut in 1982 as Bass-Bariton in the Renard production by Stravinsky at the Barga Festival, conducted by Marcello Panni 

During his Bass-Bariton career, Filippo has performed in Opera Houses such as La Scala in Milan, the Arena di Verona, the Massimo Theatre in Palermo, the Bellini Theatre in Catania, the Grande Theatre in Brescia, the Municipal Theatre in Piacenza, the Stadttheater in Klagenfurt, the Plovdiv Festival, collaborating with conductors such as G. Gavazzeni, D. Gatti, D. Oren, M. Arena, with stage directors like G. Del Monaco, C.Maestrini, S. Bussotti and with amazing artists such as G. Giacomini, M.Chiara, B. Giaiotti, J. Pons, C. Gasdia etc.

Between 1992 and 1997 Filippo has been a member of the Oper Bonn Ensemble, an Opera House where he has got also the position of Assistant of the General Manager Giancarlo del Monaco, thanks to his experience both in the artistic and legal fields, dealing especially with contractual issues, trade union relationships, co-productions and relationships between Bonn Opera House and Italy. In 1997 after this precious experience, Filippo has decided to open his own management company, Stage and Music, in Rome, devoting himself to work on co-productions and into discovery young opera talents. At that time Filippo met the soprano Fiorenza Cedolins, who has later become his wife. Filippo has then devoted himself to Fiorenza's career in the position of  her general manager, developing her international career up to the major international Oper Houses and Concert Halls for almost twenty years.

In the meantime Filippo has continued to take care  and to discover young talented opera singers, together with his wife, helping some now famous singers such as Alex Esposito, Paolo Bordogna, Anna Malavasi and Giovanni Sala to improve their careers.

The desire to always make new professional experiences has also recently led him to organize tours of different Opera Houses, like the Teatro Massimo of Palermo "2017 Japan Tour" to Tokyo that has included 8 performances of Tosca and Traviata.


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