ROSSINI An Opera Evening by Marco Gandini with Nino Surguladze and Carlo Ponti


Worldwide Management

Susanna Stefani Caetani

The great Italian stage director Marco Gandini has imagined an event dedicated to “ROSSINI" An Opera Evening with Nino Surguladze and Carlo PontiIt is a vocal concert built around the most famous opera extracts by Gioacchino Rossini, conducted by Carlo Ponti and with Nino Surguladze as a guest. In the concert, singers in costume will perform excerpts from both the comic and serious operas written by the Italian composer (for example: trio and duet from Italiana in Algeri, duets from Il Barbiere di Siviglia, the final act of La Cenerentola, and Turco in Italia, and for the serious repertoire one trio from Armida, and a duo from ErmioneOtello and Zelmira).

The setting of the performance that Marco Gandini has created for this production includes images, still and in movement, in a simple system like a double box, panels, and three-dimensional letters, which are combined in various positions. The iconography of the neoclassical period painting will be the background for the serious operas, and for the comic ones something fantastic, and imagery that stylistically fits with vintage images. The images in movement will be projected onto an apposite panel and cropped on the large letters to creates amazing and special effects.

The recurring item will be this unique way of using words and letters, by composing and decomposing from single letters to entire words to form images, suspended three-dimensional letters and real waterfalls of moving letters. The theme of the letters is typical of Rossini "frenzy of the word" (typical of his comedy theatre productions, a “frenzy completely contemporary”), and the height, the simplicity and the beauty of the word clearly refer to his serious major theatre works.

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