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After having graduated from Scientific High School, Elisa Savi enrolls at the University of Modern Literature with a major in History of Cinema.

Always passionate about the history of costume and fashion, cinema and editing, she leaves university in 1979 when she has the opportunity to start working at Fiorucci, a very avant-garde brand, in their Ufficio Stile (Style Department).

She begins her apprenticeship as assistant to the Product Manager of the Fioruccino line and, two years later, she receives a job offer from Prénatal, where she will work for six years, first as assistant, then as Product Manager.

In 1987, she is hired by Compagnia Internazionale Abbigliamento as Product Manager of the Valentini Junior, Snoopy, La Compagnie du Miel children's lines and, later, of the “Wrangler Jeans” line.

In 1990, for personal reasons she moves to Venice and is hired by the Coin Department Store chain as Head of children's lines, an experience which continues for another six years.

In 1995, she meets the director and actor Moni Ovadia, her future husband, with whom she establishes a romantic and then a professional relationship.

The daughter of painter and director of photography Alberto Savi, she was raised with a love for art, music, cinema and theatre.

Moni Ovadia proposes that she leave her job and that she begin collaborating with him as costume designer and video-maker. She accepts.

For him, she creates the costumes for numerous shows, and she also creates the sets and video montages for the related filming. She has realized historiographical and iconographic research, written the scripts for some minor shows, and has also gained experience as an assistant director.

Lately, she has established an intense professional relationship with an educational publishing house, Palumbo Editore in Palermo (Sicily), for whom she has created numerous educational videos and documentaries aimed at middle and high school students.


1998​ - sets and costumes for “J’Attends un Navire” with Lee Colbert
1999​ - script, sets and costumes for “Trieste, ebrei e dintorni”
2000​ - costumes for “Tevye und mir”
2001​ - costumes for “Il banchiere errante”
2002​ - costumes for the musical “Il violinista sul tetto” (Fiddler on the Roof)
2003 - ​costumes and props for “L’armata a cavallo”
2004 - ​costumes for the filming of “Oylem Goylem”
2005​ - sets and costumes for “Es iz Amerike”
2006​ - costumes and video installation for “Le storie del Signor Keuner” by Bertolt Brecht
2007 ​- costumes and video installation for “La bella utopia”
2008​ - costumes and mise en espace for “Shir del essalem, canti per la pace”
2009​ - costumes and video installation for “Shylock: Il Mercante di Venezia in prova”
2012​ - costumes and 3D video installation for “Cantata greca, due poemi di Yannis Ritsos”
2014​ - costumes and video installation for “Doppio fronte, orazione per la Grande Guerra”
2015​ - costumes and make up for “Le Supplici” by Aeschylus, at the Teatro Greco in Siracusa (Sicily)
2016​ - costumes for “Il Casellante” by Andrea Camilleri​
2017 - ​sets, costumes and make up for “Liolà” by Luigi Pirandello
2018​ - costumes and video installation for “Nish Koshe, Dio ride”
2021​ - costumes and mise en espace for “L’altra Teresa” by Lina Wertmüller



Le Supplici di Eschilo


Es iz Amerike

Le storie del sig Keuner


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