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Feifan Jiang was a young conductor with lots of creativity and artisticly appealing who born in 2001 in China. He has been successively admitted to the department of composition and conducting of the attached the Affiliated School of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music and Shanghai Conservatory Of Music with the score of ranking the first in this major in China. When he was 15, he successfully founded the first Chamber, with lots of ideas for making contemporary music and much talent for symphonic Rehearsals.
In November 2022, Jiang became as Assistant Conductor Of IMSO. He is the first who got a position in Chinese Orchestras by age 21 in China. In 2023, he won the golden award with excellence nomination in Vivaldi Conducting Competition, also he won the 2023 Best Classical Musician Golden Award. In February 2024, he got the "Special Prize" of 2nd Mendelssohn International Conducting Competition, stepped onto international classic stages.
Jiang has studied under the authority of Chinese orchestras conductors Guoyong Zhang, joined in the masterclass of Jorma Panula, Ronald Zollman, Ulrich Windf├╝hr, Mark Gibson and so on. As a young professional conductor who works closely with many Chinese domestic symphony orchestras, Jiang has conducted including Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, Qingdao Symphony Orchestra, Kunming Symphony Orchestra and Shenyang Symphony Orchestra etc. He has been specially invited to dozens of music festivals as music director and guest conductor also as a art director such as the 2019, 2023 MISA in Shanghai, with the MISA Festival Orchestra, the 1st Shanghai Contemporary Music Festival, the 4th International Cello Festival SHCM, the 1st "Alexander" Horn Competition and so on. And he became premiere conductor of the SHCM.
His conducting style inherited the concise and effective rehearsal method of Maestro Zhang Guoyong, at the same time without losing his unique ideas and artistic tension of the work, therefore he was recommended by the famous conductor Huang Yi, the Music Director of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and Kunming Symphony Orchestra as the assistant conductor of the Chinese "Three Tenors" tour composed of Dai Yuqiang, Warren Mok and Wei Song. He is active in various art stages with superb professionalism and enthusiasm for the pursuit of art, and has received high praise from all walks of his career.

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