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Actor, director, musician and political activist, Moni Ovadia is considered one of the most prestigious and popular men of culture and artists on the Italian scene. He found his most congenial form of expression in a form of "musical theater" inspired by Yiddish culture - which he contributed to making known and of which he gave a contemporary reading - dramaturgically centered on the figure of the "musician/actor".

Trained in the early Seventies as a singer and folk musician under the guidance of the ethnomusicologist Roberto Leydi, over time he has produced numerous records of music inspired by Klezmer, Middle Eastern and Greek music.

In 1993 he came to the attention of the general public with “Oylem Goylem”, a musical theater creation in the form of cabaret, acclaimed by critics and the public and continued over the years by offering shows that express his vision of the world and his ideals.

His latest productions led him to work on languages ​​and dialects, first with some shows dedicated to the work of the neo-Hellenic Greek poet Yannis Ritsos, then in Sicily, with the direction of Aeschylus' tragedy "Le Supplici" in the Sicilian language and then with the interpretation of “Il Casellante” by Andrea Camilleri and “Liolà” by Luigi Pirandello.

He is also known for his political and social commitment, always at the forefront of battles in support of rights and peace, a commitment sealed by numerous awards.

He is also the author of numerous essays that reflect on ethics and spirituality as well as Jewish humor. He currently holds the position of Director of the Municipal Theater Foundation of Ferrara.


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