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Silvia Nair is an Italian artist of international standing. A special artist, unique in terms of personality, for the suggestive artistic career and for the musical world she has created.

She is a singer (4 octaves of vocal range), pianist, songwriter, composer of soundtracks for Cinema and for documentaries, performer. After graduating in Law, she abandoned everything to dedicate herself to music.

Silvia Nair’s first album is 'Sunrise', released in 2005, first in Japan and then in other Asian countries, made it through to the sales charts. In Italy, the album 'Sunrise' was launched by a cult-song: 'Shine on now', which for 3 years was the soundtrack of a major TV commercial.

Her career is dotted with prestigious performances. Silvia Nair has performed in Italy and Europe with major Symphony Orchestras conducted by Maestros such as Salvatore Accardo, Karl Martin, Eckehard Stier, Marco Boni etc. She performed in many concerts in prestigious theatres, artistic locations, Unesco sites and in many TV selected programmes .

Silvia Nair performed with several famous Italian artists: Franco Battiato, Lucio Dalla, Claudio Baglioni, Ron, etc.

She sang for Heads of State: in Brazil, for President Lula; in Jordan for the Royal family; in the Italian Parliament, in a major charity event with Andrea Bocelli; several times in Vatican (she has sung for 2 Popes - John Paul II and Benedict XVI). She was the special guest in international gala events in Beijing and Shanghai; was invited to Los Angeles to the ‘Carousel of Hope Ball 2010’ at the Beverly Hills Hilton (with cinema and music stars as Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Quincy Jones, Jane Fonda, Stevie Wonder...).

Silvia Nair’s second album is ‘Ithaca’, released in Italy in 2011, with songs entirely written, composed, played piano by her. The album was also performed live in a suggestive voice-piano tour and received the prestigious ‘Lunezia Prize' in 2012 special mention for its musical-literary value.

In 2011 Silvia Nair received the 'Montecarlo Prize’ as ‘International artistic revelation', reward to the Italian professionalism in the world.

Luci e ombre' is the Silvia Nair’s third album, released at the end 2020 In Italy as European preview and in South Korea as Asian preview. It’s a very special record that had the privilege to be produced by a phenomenal Dutch production team, made of Franck Van Der Heijden (arranger for Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, dj David Guetta, David Garrett, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, etc.) and Michael La Grouw. Highly qualified musicians, string orchestras and sound engineers also collaborated in its creation. This album was recorded in the historic Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum and in Amsterdam, mixed by Ronald Prent and mastered in New York by Grammy Award as mastering engineer Darcy Proper. It includes the duet with the international star of Opera, the tenor Vittorio Grigolo and as special guest the violinist David Garrett.

In Winter 2024 will be released the English version album ‘Lights and Shadows’ in the international market and will start the concert tour with symphony orchestra and voice piano solo.


Nair wrote the Italian lyrics for the main song of the French-Canadian animated film ‘Ballerina’, box office blockbuster 2017. She composed the music for the film ‘La direzione del tempo’ by Vincenzo Stango and for the docufilm ‘Questo è mio fratello’ by Marco Leopardi, both co-produced by Rai, presented at the 'Rome Film Festival' 2018; for the thriller movie ‘Anja - real love girl' by Pablo Benedetti and Paolo Martini on Amazon and Netflix Europe; for the film ‘El numero nueve’ about the life and career of the Argentine champion Gabriel Batistuta by Pablo Benedetti, presented at the ‘Rome Film Festival’ 2019 (the title track song ‘Freedom’ has become a single) on Prime Video IT, UK, USA, on Apple TV worldwide; for the documentary ‘The monsters of Florence' by American director Andrea Vogt, broadcasted on Italian LA7 and on Netflix Europe; the drama film ‘Benvenuto Papà’ broadcasted on Rai 1.

She has composed music for documentaries broadcasted on Rai program, Discovery Channel and History Channel Worldwide, in U.K., USA, ZDF German.


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