An original project by
Only Stage London

In partnership with
Teatro degli Arcimboldi di Milano & Curci Edizioni Musicali

Concept & Artistic Direction
Davide Garattini Raimondi, Delilah Gutman, Barbara Palumbo

Music by
Delilah Gutman


1 VIDEO. 61 ARTISTS DECEMBER 20th, 2020 - FEBRUARY 18th, 2021
Online on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Why 1.61?
The periodic number refers to the golden section and indicates the ratio between two unequal lengths of which the greater is an average proportional between the smaller and the sum of the two. This relationship has affected the world of science, art and music since ancient times. A number which has been studied for centuries and perfectly describes our project: a video for 61 artists.

The golden section was also found as a constant within medical parameters relating to human movement, and isn‘t dance, perhaps, its highest expression? 1.61 is a number easily identifiable by all those who are familiar with Arabic numeration, a clear, legible reference and index of perfection, and here is where we want to start to enhance the movement of the body against the staticity to which the pandemic has forced us: the opening versus closing, dance as a response to physical and mental immobility; Terpsichore‘s art, here understood as the maximum expression of freedom, the same freedom that we cannot give up on.

The spread of the virus has forced us to use new communication systems, including in the Art. With this project we want to claim a new perspective on videodance, the pandemic becomes the pretext for the creation of a new form of art and no longer the context within the art adapts to be simply spread through the means of our disposal.

Composer and pianist Delilah Gutman created 61 shorts musical tracks based on improvisation. The 61 tracks will be sent to 61 Italian and foreign dancers who, following some simple guidelines necessary to make the project uniform, will dance on the theme of golden improvisation, i.e. perfect, recording the performances through the cameras of their smartphones. The short tracks will be edited and evaluated by the artistic direction composed by Davide Garattini Raimondi and Barbara Palumbo, in order to structure an effective publication sequence. The final video, which will be composed by the sum of the 61 single videos, will not be the result of a publication in chronological order, but it will be based on a sort of hypothetical fil rouge that will emerge from every single improvisation. The videos will subsequently be published and disseminated through the social media platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram) with daily frequency. Each artist will be given the freedom to share the contents and the project itself through personal channels, ensuring maximum visibility.

Feature that contributes to give birth to a unique project is the use of technology not as a simple mean of disseminating an art designed to be experienced live, but as a fundamental part of the artistic project itself. Here it is the place where the set of individual videos creates a unique work of art by giving the viewer the three-dimensionality of the movement through the two-dimensionality of the screen.


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