Georgijs Osokins will be performing Rachmaninov Piano Concerto n. 3 at Great Guild Hall in Riga with Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and Kristina Poska. Program: - S. Rachmaninov Piano concerto n. 3 - C. Nielsen Symphony n. 4 Tickets: @import url(; #pgc-13504-0-0 { width:100%;width:calc(100% -

Violinist and music director of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Dmitry Sitkovetsky will be jury member of the renowned Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors @import url(; #pgc-13490-0-0 { width:100%;width:calc(100% - ( 0 * 30px ) ) } #pl-13490 .so-panel { margin-bottom:30px }