16-24 Apr. 2022 | Oleg Caetani conducts “The Magic Flute” by W.A. Mozart at the New National Theatre in Tokyo

The beloved singspiel "Die Zauberflöte" is a fantasy of love and adventure that has sparked a lifetime of opera appreciation in many children around the world. This work is a veritable treasure trove of sound, with a succession of beautiful musical numbers performed throughout, including the catchy "Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja" and "Pa- Pa- Pa-", as well as the technically demanding aria "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" sung by the Königin der Nacht (Queen of the Night). The celebrated production by William KENTRIDGE, master of contemporary art, uses drawings to create a mystical setting. The video projections are in black and white representing the conflict between light and shadows of human nature. The director's profund sensibilities and poesy bring out the essence of genius composer's final opera. At the same time, the production uses the theme of colonialism to illuminate the European Enlightenment ideals encapsulated in "Die Zauberflöte", with insights into the concepts of virtue and power.
Master conductor Oleg CAETANI makes his NNTT debut conducting this production. This also features prominent Japanese talent from around the country and around the world, including the delightful and elegant voice of SUZUKI Jun and the lyrical expression of SUNAKAWA Ryoko.