ELIMINATORY PHASE RESULTS | Only Stage International Conducting Competition

We are excited to publish the results of the eliminatory phase of the Only Stage International Conducting Competition. 25 conductors have been selected among applicants from 18 different countries:
Mr. Abelin Etienne from SWITZERLAND
Mr. Bürgin Jonas from SWITZERLAND
Mr. Helfricht Hermes from GERMANY
Mr. Ho Alvin from HONG KONG
Mr. Jin Yu-kuang from CHINA
Ms. Kaiv Lilian from ESTONIA
Mr. Kee Jebat from MALAYSIA
Mr. Lee Deun from SOUTH KOREA
Mr. Liepiņš Jānis from LATVIA
Mr. Pereira Abel from PORTUGAL
Mr. Pitkänen Joonas from FINLAND
Mr. Proust Simon from FRANCE
Mr. Qian Junping from CHINA
Mr. Reznik Roman from NORWAY
Mr. Schlager David from AUSTRIA
Mr. Song Min Gyu from SOUTH KOREA
Mr. Sun Yifan from CHINA
Mr. Taler Avi from ISRAEL
Mr. Torbeev Anton from RUSSIA
Ms. Urrutia Alejandra from CHILE
Mr. Verhoven Aleksey from RUSSIA
Mr. Vizireanu Vlad from ROMANIA
Mr. Vrabec Ondřej from CZECH REPUBLIC
Mr. Walker William Garfield from the USA
Mr. Yang Seung Ryul from SOUTH KOREA
We are astonished by the high level of the musicians and we are happy that we crossed the borders of 3 continents with the first edition of the Only Stage Conducting Competition.
These candidates are required to send another two videos for the final stage of the competition, the deadline is Friday, May 21st.
Congratulations and good luck to all the finalists!