Gabriel Prokofiev

May 18th | Gabriel Prokofiev’s world premiere in “Project tHinG” at Salle Gaveau in Paris

Project tHinG is an innovative collaboration bridging the ancient and contemporary, as well as East and West. This musical project combines the traditional Korean Geomungo with the European piano and modern electronics, exploring new musical pathways while connecting to a shared cultural heritage. Gabriel Prokofiev's involvement brings a unique blend of classical heritage and modern electronic music, pushing the boundaries of traditional music genres. His contribution is pivotal in creating a new soundscape that aims to captivate a global audience, blending his deep musical lineage with groundbreaking modern compositions in Seoul and beyond.

- Y. J. Heo, Under plot for solo Geomungo
- Louis Couperin, Unmeasured Prelude No. 13 in F Major
- A. Pärt, Fratres (arr. Haeyun Kim)
- G. Prokofiev, Bach (World Premier)
- G. Prokofiev, Trio (Three Voices, Three Eras) - What Could've Been, Deep Beige, Chroma, Craven Spirals, Mobocracy
- D. Womack, Tyger Burning Bright
- D. Robbins, Flowing Floating (arr. Yoon Jeong Heo)