Italian Tour
September 15 - October 15, 2018


For a quarter of a century the word "Helikon" has been associated with a musical theatre, founded in Moscow on April 10, 1990 and united the new talents.

Dmitry Bertman, the People’s Artist of Russia, General-Director and Artistic Director and the founder of Helikon-Opera, has staged over a hundred productions in Russia and abroad in such countries as Austria, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, France, Sweden, and Estonia.
Every season Helikon-Opera presents to the Moscow audience more than 200 performances and each of them gives the audience the joy of contact with live art. Today the theatre repertoire consists of more than 75 unique productions. Helikon-Opera always tries to withdraw from “convenient”, worn out stage impersonations to surprise with novelty and audacity of conception, bright vocal and dramatic performance, taking care of the composer’s idea at the same time. Its shows are sold out for every performance. This is one of the most interesting and visited theatres of the Russian capital.


Lyrical sketches in seven scenes Renewal of K. Stanislavsky production, 1922

Libretto by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Konstantin Shilovsky after the same name novel by Alexander Pushkin

Renewal Director Dmitry Bertman
Music Director Kirill Tikhonov
Renewal Designer Viacheslav Okunev
Light Designer Damir Ismagilov
Stage Choreographer Edwald Smirnov

Premiere – 23.12.2015
Language of performance – Russian


Card game with one intermission Libretto by Modest Tchaikovsky upon Pushkin's "The Queen of Spades"

Stage Director Dmitry Bertman
Renewal Music Director Vladimir Fedoseyev
Set and Costumes Igor Nezhny & Tatiana Tulubieva
Lighting Designer Denis Yenyukov
Choirmaster Evgeny Ilyin
Choreographer Edwald Smirnov

Playing time – 3 hours 15 minutes
Language of performance – Russian


Concert Moderator 

The Honoured Artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman

Concert Director 

The Honoured Artist of Russia Vladimir Ponki


Different concert fragments from the most popular Operas of the world are interpreted by the soloists from two different Countries, (in the video Germany and Russia).

These concerts represent the symbol of the friendship and union between the two countries. 


  1. Fanfares in the orchestra
  2. Ouverture «Die Fledermaus»
  3. «Couplets about champagne J.Strauss « Die Fliedermaus »
  4. Cavatina of the Figaro Rossini «Il barbiere di Siviglia»
  5. Aria of Lauretta Puccini «Gianni Schicchi»
  6. The song of conte Verdi «Rigoletto»
  7. «Habanera», G. Bizet «Carmen»
  8. Aria of RobertTchaikovsky «Iolanta»
  9. Couplets of Olympia Offenbach « Les Contes d'Hoffmann » 
  10. Aria of Calaf Puccini «Turandot»
  11. Gypsy songBizet «Carmen»
  12. Couplets of toreadorBizet «Carmen»
  13. The song of Eliza Doolittle Loewe «My Fair Lady»
  14. Aria of Plavalaguna
  15. Aria of Mister X E.Kalman « The Princess of the Circus »
  16. Aria of the Queen of the night  W.A.Mozart « Die Zauberflöte »
  17. The duet of the cats G.Rossini
  18. The scene of the ball J. Strauss « Die Fliedermaus »
  19. Brindisi G.Verdi «La Traviata»
  20. «The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree» 
  21. «The Best”

Performers: Maria Maskhulia and all performers of ball

UNKNOWN TCHAIKOVSKY (Director – Dmitry Bertman)

First Part

  1. “Ouverture” from The Snow Maiden(Snegurochka), Op. 12 (1873), incidental music for Ostrovsky's play of the same name
  2. Song «Greetings to A. Rubinstein»
  3. «Undina's aria» from the unfinished Opera «Undina»
  4. Duet "O happiness, O blessed moment" (Undina, Huldbrand) from the unfinished Opera «Undina»
  5. «Ophelia’s song» from Hamlet, Op. 67b (1891), incidental music for Shakespeare's play
  6. «The Chorus of Flowers and Insects» from the unfinished Opera “Mandragora”
  7. Song «Musical letter to V. Davydov»
  8. Duet «Dawn» from «6 Duets»
  9. The Hymn in Honour of Saints Cyril and Methodius
  10. Quartet «Night» for 4 voices
  11. “Couplets of Count Almaviva” for P. Beaumarchais' comedy "Le barbier de Séville"
  12. «Final scene» from unfinished Opera «Undina»


Second Part

  1. «Mazurka» from the “Dmitri the Pretender and Vassily Shuisky” (1867), incidental music to Alexander Ostrovsky's play “Dmitri the Pretender”
  2. The Chorus «Na son gryadushiy» (“At Bedtime”)
  3. «Jurisprudence song»
  4. Song «Short unscrupulous dog». Musical notation in М. А. Golovina’s album
  5. Romance «Legend» from «16 songs for children»
  6. Romance «Was I Not a Little Blade of Grass in the Meadow» («Я ли в поле да не травушка была…»). Lyrics by I.Z. Surikov.
  7. «Dances and Chorus of Birds» from The Snow Maiden (Snegurochka), Op. 12 (1873), incidental music for Ostrovsky's play of the same name
  8. «Lel's Second Song» from The Snow Maiden (Snegurochka), Op. 12 (1873), incidental music for Ostrovsky's play of the same name
  9. «Chorus of Farewell to Winter» » from The Snow Maiden (Snegurochka), Op. 12 (1873), incidental music for Ostrovsky's play of the same name
  10. “Duet of Romeo and Juliette” from unfinished Opera “Romeo and Juliette”
  11. Men Chorus “Gaudeamus”
  12. «Nature and love», for 3 voices and chorus, lyrics by P.I. Tchaikovskiy