Luca Franzetti

February 26th – March 3rd | Luca Franzetti cello masterclass in Jerusalem

The cellist Luca Franzetti will hold a cello masterclass at the Magnificat Institute in Jerusalem. These are his words: "My journey to Jerusalem has one and only purpose: the teaching of music and its sacred and inviolable values. For many years now, I have been convinced that the dissemination of music, especially in areas where it is absent, is an important and essential part of a musician's life. We are not just performers; we are also custodians and priests of absolute and untouchable values, without which we could not say of ourselves: 'we are part of the human race.'

The teaching of music, as I understand it, especially in this specific occasion, is aimed at countering the dehumanisation that is typical in any conflict. Music helps to think of oneself and others as entities with common characteristics and common freedoms, which as such should be respected, supported, and protected with the body, the heart, and the mind.

Music helps to develop critical thinking, but at the same time, it increases empathy towards others; it enhances listening to others, understanding, and ultimately compassion.

It is the fastest and most effective means to ensure that everyone remains human.

Music can cure all illnesses, this is what I believe and to which I will be faithful until the last of my days."