Only Stage announces the names of he participants dmitted to the Final Phase of the 2nd Only Stage Conducting Competition

Mr. Chang Chin Yuan from TAIWAN
Mr. Cohn Maurice from the USA
Ms. Julia Cruz from SPAIN
Mr. Fabian Enders from GERMANY
Mr. Fletcher Richard from the USA
Mr. Aivis Greters from LATVIA
Mr. Feifan Jiang from CHINA
Ms. Kim Yeo Jin from SOUTH COREA
Mr. Kirov Stilian from Bulgaria
Mr. Liao Brian from TAIWAN
Mr. Giuseppe Mengoli from ITALY
Mr. Okamoto Riku from JAPAN
Mr. Pang Samuel from the UK
Mr. Davide Perniceni from ITALY
Mr. Kai Johannes Polzhofer from GERMANY
Mr. Roman Reznik from NORWAY/UKRAINE
Mr. Sima Jiannan from CHINA
Mr. Anton Torbeev from RUSSIA
Mr. William Garfield Walker from the USA