September 16th, 2023 | Gabriel Prokofiev & Mr. Switch performing with the Guimarães Orchestra in Portugal

Gabriel Prokofiev, Sergei Prokofiev’s grandson and one of the most important contemporary composers, has been invited to stage a concert in collaboration with the Guimarães Orchestra, to mark the CCVF’s 18th anniversary. From his repertoire, where he crosses the domain of classical language with electronics, turntablism and other aesthetics, Gabriel Prokofiev will play in Guimarães to challenge conventions and demonstrate how his works are a hybrid and fascinating territory, in exploration of the various possibilities that are permitted by art. In celebration of its 18 years of existence, the CCVF will welcome the Guimarães Orchestra to explore new sonorous trajectories created by the renowned English composer, in partnership with his accomplice, Mr Switch.


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