September 6-7-16, 2022 | Gabriel Prokofiev’s music is going to be performed at ERF Festival (Italy) and at Festival “Cello Cēsis” (Latvia)

September 6th, Imola
September 7th, Forlì
ERF Festival (Italy)

Breaking Screens
composer & electronics

Tiziano Baviera violin
Alberto Franchin violin
Sara Dambruoso viola
Tommaso Tesini cello

Zoe Canestrelli viola

Marcello Sette violoncello

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September 16th, Festival “Cello Cēsis” (Latvia)
You are going to hear music from Gabriel Prokofiev's new album "Breaking Screens", which music critics describe as "... an excellent gift for electronic music lovers who are interested in classical music and classical lovers who are intrigued by electroacoustic searches". The composer's earlier dance suite for cello "Cello Multitracks" for solo cello and virtual ensemble in a multi-track recording of eight cello parts and fragments from the contemporary ballet "Kliedziens" will also be played alongside.

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