Gabriel Prokofiev

March 30th – 31st | The Bach Project – Gabriel Prokofiev world premiere for the Ballet of the Landestheater Eisenach

The Bach Project - The obstruction of lightness of thought (world premiere) in cooperation with the Thuringian Bach Festival

A circle comes to a close: After 15 years, Andris Plucis returns to a work by Prokofiev. However, this time it is not a piece by the grandfather – "Romeo and Juliet" by Sergei Prokofiev, but by his grandson Gabriel Prokofiev.

Inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach, the composer wrote a world premiere specifically for the Ballet of the Landestheater Eisenach. In collaboration with Prokofiev, ballet director Andris Plucis created a vibrant ballet project characterised by permeable lightness, simple movements, and a profound love for the moment.

Johann Sebastian Bach is not biographically illuminated, but rather his contemporaneity for today. Without Bach, the music of the present would be unimaginable; in the Baroque period, he developed a structuralism based on fugues, which the avant-gardes in the 20th century revisited and which today Artificial Intelligences are exploring.

In the Eisenach Ballet and with Prokofiev's sense for music, a view of and with Bach is created as it has never been seen or heard before.

An introduction to the production will take place 30 minutes before the start of the performance in the first balcony foyer.