Welcome in our team to our new consultant GIORGIO BARBOLINI

In the mid eighties, Giorgio Barbolini started his entrepreneurial career, carrying on simultaneously his activities as musician which he completely left only in 1995. He started his career in the classical music management and then he expanded in other show business areas in the following years.

He studied at the Conservatory of Music in Bologna and he graduated in Organ and Organ Composition at the age of twenty, becoming one of the younger graduate in this discipline in the story of the same Conservatory. In the same years he studied Composition, Harpsichord and Choir Conduction.

At a very early age, he attended seminars and masters in Italy and in Europe with Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Anton Heiller, Michail Radulescu, Piet Kee, Ton Koopman and Kenneth Gilbert.

He also started very young a brilliant career as musician. He played his first organ concert at the age of 17 and in 1979, after a course in Basso Continuo at Amelia, in Umbria, he’s been invited to be part of the Trio Barocco Italiano in the role of harpsichord player. He went on with both these activities (organ and harpsichord player) till mid nineties, playing more than 1.000 concerts as solo artist, in ensembles and orchestras.