Welcome on board to our new social media manager & marketing developer Beniamino Re!

Born in Reggio Emilia, Beniamino Re began studying cello at the age of 8. He studied with Maestro Luca Franzetti and attended masterclasses with Cecilia Radic and Walter Vestidello. After graduating from high school of the fine arts, he decided to further his studies at the Iusve in Venice, enrolling in a degree course of Digital and Graphic Design. 

His classical formation in music combined with his studies in communication has allowed him the unique opportunity to merge the two fields into various working projects, such as overseeing the organisation and social promotion for Luca Franzetti’s cello masterclasses since 2018.

Since 2021 he has also worked as the social media manager and web designer for IppocrateOrg, an association primarily focused on research, prevention, and personalised medicine.

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Beniamino Re