Constantinescu: Piano Concerto & Wedding in the Carpathians

Marcus Bosch with Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock, Oliver Triendl | New release – Constantinescu: Piano Concerto & Wedding in the Carpathians

“Pianist Oliver Triendl and Marcus Bosch with the North German Philharmonic Rostock offer discoveries in Romanian modernism.

In the common concert guides, Paul Constantinescu is sought in vain. The Romanian composer, who lived from 1909 to 1963, combined tendencies from neoclassicism and folklorism in his music. His ballet music "Wedding in the Carpathians" from 1939 depicts a village wedding with a strong, sometimes deliberately rustic brushstroke. The music with a large orchestra vividly portrays atmosphere and characters, unfolding vibrant drama. Original are the imitations of the sound effects of village bands and instruments like the dulcimer. The piano concerto from 1952 combines the lively motoric style of Ravel and Prokofiev with the broad opulence of Rachmaninoff. Additionally, there are subtle folklore elements. For pianist Oliver Triendl and conductor Marcus Bosch with his Rostockers, this is a delightful discovery. As passionately and colourfully as they interpret everything here, it makes you want to hear more.”

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